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Need For Pure Water
There is a surprising connection between the quality of our water and healthful longevity. There are many health benefits of increasing the amount and...
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Model: CPRO - 75C

Very Economical
Full value for your money
Consistent and reliable pure water
Fresh crisp taste superior to bottled water
Easy to fix & use
Free delivery & installation
2-Year Warranty

Free relocation
Free Filter Change & maintenance every 4 months

Unique Features

Fully Automatic Flushing type,with basic 5 stage purification – membrane.
Fits snugly under sink
Very simple RO filter; simple to fix and use
High grade BAMBOO CARBON - enhances sweet taste to water
World Class TFC FILMTEC membrane from DOW Chemicals USA
With Storage - Plasteel Tank 19 litres & Chrome plated faucet
Addition of UV sterilizer go deep till the DNA of bacteria keeping water free from bacteria & virus
WQA tested and certified system
Constructed of NSF certified components


1st: 10” 5micron Polypropylene sediment filter.
2nd: 10” 5 micron GAC filter.
3rd: 10” CTO carbon block filter.
4th:Filmtec RO Membrane 75GPD made in USA by Dow chemicals 
5th: In-line GAC post filter Optional:
6th: Stage U.V. Sterilizer
Weight -11Kg,Height – 45cms, Width-37cms
Plasteel Tank 19 litres,Height – 40cms,Width – 30cms,Depth – 30cms
Pressure Gauge - Vertical Glycerin filled 10 kg
Control Box for R.O. System ( Auto Flushing)
Solenoid Valve x 2 pcs
Booster pump- 24VDC, 240V/50 Hz
Flow Restrictor
Chrome plated faucet
Accessories & Installation kit
2 Years Warranty and service agreement for all above spare parts

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